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Is this you? 

  • Have you ever felt that your body is failing you? 
  • You just don’t feel good – physically or emotionally? 
  • Do you struggle with seemingly unconnected mystery symptoms?
  • Maybe you’ve gotten some relief from different approaches but they haven’t solved your problem.
  • Do you just feel stuck?

Some part of you knows there has to be a better way!

We understand and we can help!!

No more guesswork!!!

With Let’s Heal Now your expert detective practitioner Isaac Moore will help you quickly and easily get shift done!  Imagine knowing exactly what to do next and on each step of your healing transformation AND receiving exceptional healing support along the way.    

Let’s Heal Now uses cutting edge energy techniques that help you transform physical and emotional issues into the vibrant health and wellness you’ve been looking for. 

Are you dealing with:

Health Problems?

Health Problems?

When you are stressed it is typically a sign of underlying anxiety, worry or even boredom. It’s hard to sleep because your mind cannot settle and relax. 

Weight issues?

Weight issues?

If you take comfort in food when upset or bored, it can lead to weight gain. The underlying cause of comfort eating is oftern emotional. 

Emotional Stress?

Emotional Stress?

Depression can hurt physically and mentally. Emotionally sad, crying and general despair. Physically it is actual pain, headaches, or achy all over. 


Feeling energetic!

Feeling energetic!

Enjoy moving and finding your joy in life! Imagine the freedom to do what you love!

Feeling at peace!

Feeling at peace!

Imagine feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off of you.  Spending time doing what you love to do!

Feeling alive again!

Feeling alive again!

Imagine getting that zest for life back – like your life belongs to you again.


Are you suffering from severe health issues and don’t want to be tied to medications for the rest of your life? I understand. I’ve been there.

Growing up with psoriasis, allergies and severe asthma has led me on a quest to find natural, energetic methods of dealing with my health issues. I discovered Quantum Techniques – a way of healing my body by discovering what was blocking my body from the internet connections it needed to heal itself. I basically reset the circuit breakers in my body.

As a chemical engineer, this exciting process fit right into my scientific brain and made sense to me. I continued to delve into this work, becoming certified in the process as well. I started sharing my successes with others. I now work with clients to help them heal their emotional and physical issues and regain their vitality and health.. I love helping clients to solve their health puzzle and regain the life they deserve.

The health I’ve regained has allowed me to confidently explore the outdoors. I love hiking, camping, canoeing and adventure. I enjoy sleeping under the stars on the Appalachian Trail and have even taken a  toboggan ride on the Great Wall of China.

Let’s talk about how I can help you enjoy life again.


Juan’s Story

Isaac has been instrumental in my own healing and training as a fellow QT practitioner.

He has helped me overcome key physical ailments like my ability to detoxify efficiently and key non-physical ones like my ability to detach from painful past moments. He has the ability to combine his analytical skills and curiosity with a strong intuition and connection to energy to find unique ways of finding the source of the issues. Finally he has coached me in becoming a better QT practitioner, teaching me key skills, tips and tricks. I will be forever grateful to him!

Somra’s Story

Quantum Techniques is amazing!!! Being an empath and energyworker myself, I can feel lots of energy shifts and clearings during my sessions. Isaac has an exceptional ability to hone in on underlying patterns and causes of the issues we’re working on and remove them from my system . . . all while I sit back and relax. I’m always blown away by how accurate and detailed his muscle testing and intuition are. The personalized food and supplement insights he’s provided have been extremely helpful too. QT is like malware clearing software on a computer; it goes right in and finds and deletes problematic programs . . . often instantly! They’re just GONE. Physical pain too has disappeared immediately after a session. Regular QT sessions have significantly accelerated my personal growth and healing journey, and I am SO grateful!

Michael’s Story

Isaac is a gifted facilitator of QT healing. QT is a very sophisticated and thorough modality of subtle energy healing that truly is wholistic in that it addresses the client as a multidimensional being which we all are. I felt lighter and less burdened after my first session and more free after my second. Difficulties in some relationships went away. I have had a clearer sense of what needs to happen next in my life. I received valuable information about vulnerabilities in my health and, lastly, my auric vision opened up to a new level of clarity and detail.

Linda’s Story

I am a person who generally rolls along, grateful usually, during tough times and otherwise. Recently though, i encountered a family situation that was well beyond my own ability to solve, how to even approach it, and the impasse was formidable; the pain deeper than anything I’d ever known.

I called on Isaac Moore because others had spoken of him, as a healer, a listener, with a new way of thinking that was powerful. He did not know me well, but with a keen ear and great breadth, and clear-eyed approach, gave insight like i have never known. Without sentiment, we got to the heart of the matter swiftly and he helped me create tools to not only banish the anguish I felt, but to move forward anew, galvanized and…..joyful.

Andrew’s Story

I never considered myself a believer in alternative medicines and I cannot claim to understand the how and why of Quantum Medicine. but I really can’t speak highly enough regarding my personal experience with Isaac’s methods. I have experienced sustained weight loss (going on 2 years now) and increased physical strength. One of my favorite activities is rock climbing because of this, getting physically stronger has been a big goal. I am 36 years old; 5’10”; 147lb (was 175lb) and I am now stronger than I have ever been at any point prior during my life. During the course of working with Isaac, I was able to change my diet and now I have much more energy than before. I was also able to eliminate prescription antidepressants altogether and have been off of them for over a year now. My emotions are stable and I feel more confident than I did before I worked with Isaac. If you work with Isaac, I highly recommend at least trying whatever advice or suggestion he gives for at least 2 months. It does require work and the more work I have put in, the more results I have seen.

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