About Me

I’m Isaac Moore. I’m the most recent member of the QT Elite Team to become Level 2: QT Certified, though I’ve been working with QT for several years. I graduated with honors from Georgia Tech with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Although trained in engineering, I’ve always had an interest in matters of health and wellness such as hypnosis, mind body connection, psychology, nutrition and fitness. This is undoubtedly because I grew up with allergies, psoriasis and asthma, sometimes severe. So with an engineering background and an independent spirit, it’s no surprise that when told by a physician that I would have to take acid reflux medication for the rest of my life, I said, “No way, I can fix this!” After some research, I made a phone call to schedule a blood test for food allergies. The person on the other end of the line recommended Dr. Stephen Daniel instead. Although I was skeptical at first, Dr. Daniel’s methods proved themselves. My journey with QT then proceeded to become much more than solving simple heartburn, eventually leading to my desire to help others with this modality.

My diverse work background ranges from working at circuit board manufacturers and textile mills, to doing freelance IT and videography work, to owning my own business making protectants for the outdoor market, and now energy work.

I have always enjoyed adventure, especially traveling and outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing. I believe you learn and grow from each experience even if it’s just sleeping under a picnic table in Kent, Connecticut, while hiking the Appalachian Trail or taking a toboggan ride at the Great Wall of China. I know my new endeavor as a QT practitioner will prove to be just as exciting and rewarding as my other adventures.

I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina. If you want to move forward with your healing, give me a call at 706-333-0369 and “Let’s Heal Now!” After all, you are reading this for a reason!