About Me

Isaac Moore is a Health and Wellness Practitioner, certified in Quantum Techniques energy medicine with 18+ years of experience.  Isaac helps people heal from various health conditions, especially chronic illness sufferers who struggle with seemingly unrelated mystery symptoms and are at their wits end with their current treatment.  His work helps people reclaim their health and vitality by cutting out the guesswork and custom-tailoring a path to recovery using cutting edge healing techniques.

Growing up with allergies, psoriasis, and often severe asthma led Isaac on a quest to finding the cause of these issues. He had always been interested in alternative wellness, mind-body connection, psychology, nutrition, and fitness.  With these interests and a problem-solving engineering background, he refused a life sentence of medication and was determined to find a natural solution.  Though he started this journey to solve physical symptoms, Isaac quickly learned that there was much more involved.  Being introduced to consciousness work, not only as a tool but as part of the actual framework for the healing process, became Integral to his healing work.  With this extensive training and personal growth he resolved his illnesses and began using these skills to help others restore their health and vitality.

As a techie by nature, Isaac has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech.  His diverse work background ranges from making circuit boards and socks, to doing freelance IT and videography work, to starting a business making outdoor products.  He has always enjoyed adventure, especially traveling and outdoor activities such as hiking and canoeing. He believes you learn and grow from each experience even if it’s just sleeping under a picnic table in Connecticut while hiking the Appalachian Trail or taking a toboggan ride at the Great Wall of China.  As a QT Practitioner, he sees his work with each client as a puzzle-solving adventure.

I currently live in Asheville, North Carolina. If you want to move forward with your healing, give me a call or text at 330-333-0369 and “Let’s Get Started! Let’s Heal Now!” After all, you are reading this for a reason!