Want to Geek Out about Quantum Healing? Here is the scientific explanations. 

Quantum Techniques or QT is about connections and finding in the body what is blocking or compromising the proper connections from occurring. A good analogy is finding which “circuit breakers” are “tripped” and flipping them back on to renew the connection. This diagnostic is done over the phone, using Kinesiology or muscle testing. These “circuits” in the body could be “tripped” or blocked by many things including foods, personal care products, metals, toxins and/or non-physical issues like toxic emotions or traumas. I help to identify these things that are not allowing the client’s body to heal and help to clear them. QT does not treat symptoms, but addresses the cause of the symptoms and what is blocking the body from healing.  Ultimately, all dis-ease and dis-tress manifests due to separation and lack of communication: separation from ourselves, others, the Divine; separation and lack of communication within our body systems, specific organs and at a cellular level. QT brings Light, reconnection and movement into all of these blocked areas within the body and energy field. Our firm belief is “What the body can see, it can heal.” Our bodies healing intelligence actually does the healing.

Because of the comprehensive nature and diagnostic capabilities of QT, we are often called upon by those with complex chronic conditions and pain that have not responded to any other form of traditional or alternative healing methods. We are living in a great time for alternative healing. Thanks to the research and work of the greats like Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza and many others, we are beginning to understand how we really work, and it’s not what we’ve been traditionally taught. We incorporate many of these new concepts like epigenetics to help the body to heal itself. QT takes the theory and teachings of generations of spiritual masters, healers, scientists, physicists and philosophers and moves it into practical reality.

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