Michael’s Story

Isaac is a gifted facilitator of QT healing. QT is a very sophisticated and thorough modality of subtle energy healing that truly is wholistic in that it addresses the client as a multidimensional being which we all are. I felt lighter and less burdened after my first session and more free after my second. Difficulties in some relationships went away. I have had a clearer sense of what needs to happen next in my life. I received valuable information about vulnerabilities in my health and, lastly, my auric vision opened up to a new level of clarity and detail.

Linda’s Story

I am a person who generally rolls along, grateful usually, during tough times and otherwise. Recently though, i encountered a family situation that was well beyond my own ability to solve, how to even approach it, and the impasse was formidable; the pain deeper than anything I’d ever known.

I called on Isaac Moore because others had spoken of him, as a healer, a listener, with a new way of thinking that was powerful. He did not know me well, but with a keen ear and great breadth, and clear-eyed approach, gave insight like i have never known. Without sentiment, we got to the heart of the matter swiftly and he helped me create tools to not only banish the anguish I felt, but to move forward anew, galvanized and…..joyful.


Andrew’s Story

I never considered myself a believer in alternative medicines and I cannot claim to understand the how and why of Quantum Medicine. but I really can’t speak highly enough regarding my personal experience with Isaac’s methods. I have experienced sustained weight loss (going on 2 years now) and increased physical strength. One of my favorite activities is rock climbing because of this, getting physically stronger has been a big goal. I am 36 years old; 5’10”; 147lb (was 175lb) and I am now stronger than I have ever been at any point prior during my life. During the course of working with Isaac, I was able to change my diet and now I have much more energy than before. I was also able to eliminate prescription antidepressants altogether and have been off of them for over a year now. My emotions are stable and I feel more confident than I did before I worked with Isaac. If you work with Isaac, I highly recommend at least trying whatever advice or suggestion he gives for at least 2 months. It does require work and the more work I have put in, the more results I have seen.